GREENLON®recycled Collection

Every day we are bombarded with the problems our planet is facing. Climate change is impacting snowfall, plastic is clogging up our oceans, drought is having immense repercussions across the country and bushfire devastation is widespread. The decisions we make today are what is going to make or break our future. As a brand, we are continually exploring new innovative ways of mitigating our impact on the planet and its people. You may be familiar with our Recycled P.E.T (plastic bottles) fabrics in both our outerwear and apparel. This year we have introduced a NEW recycled fabric, GREENLON®recycled.
By using recycled pre-consumer (wasted yarn that would end up in landfill) materials and environmentally optimised factories we are reducing our impact across the board. Helping with the longevity of the sports we know and love! The responsible decisions aren’t always the easiest or the sexiest to make, that’s why we are doing all the hard yards for you, creating responsible and epic products just for you. Knowing that your simple decisions are making a big impact is a nice feeling. Check out the Blackcomb and Staten styles that use the GREENLON®recycled fabric.


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