Team Fleece

Our Team Fleece has been one of the crew’s favourite pieces from this year's collection. It’s perfect for layering, not too bulky under the jacket, and can hold its own when the sun comes out and the jacket gets ditched. Whether you’re in the street or on the hill you’ll feel a part of the crew even if it’s your first time strapping in.

Team Fleece

We are offering these imperfect pieces at a discounted rate ONLINE NOW! A little like 2020, our Dusty Pink Team fleece didn’t quite turn out how we had planned. It looks rad, it feels epic, it’s DWR coated and it saved 46 bottles from going to landfill, BUTT there are some slight tonal differences in the fabric. It turns out we have 20 of these Imperfect Pink pieces that aren’t quite right, but still perfect to wear, making each fleece special in its own way. These are extremely limited and with each piece being slightly different you will have an extra special Yuki fleece. It’s nice having something that’s one of a kind, right?

Old Fabrics,
New Adventures.

Every day we are bombarded with the problems our planet is facing. Climate change is impacting snowfall, plastic is clogging up our oceans and drought is having immense repercussions cross the country, bushfire devastation is widespread. The decisions we make today are what is going to make or break our future. As a brand we are continually exploring new innovative ways of mitigating our impact on the planet and it’s people. You may be familiar with our Recycled P.E.T (plastic bottles) fabrics in both our outerwear and apparel. This year we have introduced a NEW recycled fabric, GREENLON® recycled.


We're stoked to present our Winter 20 collection. We've introduced 3 style collections to make choosing your Yuki kit even easier. Heritage, Retro and Performance. Check them out!

Dressing You
In Rubbish.

Yep. We are 100% dressing you in rubbish! We have developed a full range of fabrics made from post consumer waste (recycled plastic bottles) and turned them into these amazing products. Pretty cool huh?
Dressing You In Rubbish
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