For us, this is where it all began. Inspired by endless winters and non-stop good times. Our Heritage Collection encompasses everything that is Yuki. Built for fast laps, long nights and good vibes.
For a limited time you can shop our Ugly Fruit Collection. The collection of rejected fleece products that were supposed to make up our full winter collection. They're not perfect, but they are perfect to wear.
Earlier this winter we let you know that our hoodies we had spent 12 months creating were not up to our standards to sell. Now, we have news...

Team Fleece

Our Team Fleece has been one of the crew’s favourite pieces from this year's collection. It’s perfect for layering, not too bulky under the jacket, and can hold its own when the sun comes out and the jacket gets ditched. Whether you’re in the street or on the hill you’ll feel a part of the crew even if it’s your first time strapping in.
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