Australians throw away 6,000 kilos of fashion textile waste every 10 minutes. With more than half a billion kgs ending up in Australian landfill every year – 95% of this could have been recycled. HECTIC. We know.

We know it can be tough to say good bye to a favourite Yuki piece that has been with you through thick and thin, toe edges and dancefloors and everywhere in between. The Upparel recycling program will make you feel good about letting go, it’s been taking up too much room in the wardrobe anyway!

If you love something set it free. It’s probably not going to come back, but, we are going to offer you a discount voucher towards your next purchase to make the break up a little easier. The best way to get over an old hoodie is inside a new one ;)


Through our partnership with Upparel you can now send back 10kg for just $25 and for doing so, we'll reward you with a $25 discount to use in our online store!

Each person is eligible for 1 store credit per year*

How it works...

Step 1.


Start by purchasing a suitable collection for the amount of clothing, linen, shoes, and other textiles you have to send us. The collection costs start from $25, which will provide you with an allowance of up to 10 kg collected in 1 box. The collections are based on weight as well as the number of boxes your textiles are packaged in. You’ll also score a $25 CREDIT to redeem on our products for your first purchased collection!

Step 2.


We can accept the majority of textiles for reuse, repurpose and recycling! You can view a complete list of what we can accept here. As the team will be sorting through your textiles by hand, we can only accept clean items — be sure to give all items a quick wash and any shoes a wipe over before packaging for collection! If you’re unsure of how to package your items, you can check out this video for suggestions.

Step 3.


Once all items are packed, simply email Upparel! They’ll assist with organising your collection within 24 business hours of receiving your request. Depending on your pick up address and the number of boxes you have for collection, we’ll either direct you to our Boomerang collection portal or book your collection for you and provide you with labels to print and attach to your sealed boxes.

What happens next?


If they're in good condition then we can donate them for someone else to love.


If they're past their prime then they can turn them into something new, like tote bags!


If they're damaged they can be used to create new yarn or shredded and used for things like insulation or stuffing for pet beds.

For every single kilogram you send to us you will prevent 3 – 4 kg of greenhouse gases from polluting our atmosphere. That ought to help you breathe a little easier (literally!).

The FAQ's.

How to?

What items can you accept?

We accept:

Clothing items (jeans, shirts, coats, etc)
Bags (handbags, duffel bags, etc)
Socks and stockings
Pairs of shoes
Linen (bedding, towels, tea towels, etc)
Fabric mattress protectors (not waterproof/plastic)
Fabric off-cuts and sewing scraps
Fabric couch covers and curtains
Bathers & Swimwear
We can’t accept:
Unwashed items
Single shoes (pairs only)
Soft Toys

We can’t accept:

Unwashed items
Single shoes (pairs only)
Soft Toys

How is my collection organised?

Once you’ve got your textiles boxed and ready to be collected, simply email Upparel with your name, the number of boxes you have to be collected and your collection address. From there we’ll be able to determine which courier to utilise to facilitate the collection of your old textiles. The courier we select for your collection depends on your selections at checkout: the weight and number of boxes you have to collect, as well as your location.

How should i package my items?

To reduce waste and emissions we don’t send you anything to collect your items in. Your textiles can be packaged into ANY type of box (no larger than check-in luggage) — a food delivery box, grocery box or moving box would work! You can also pack your items into a durable bag or satchel.

As a reference, the package should be approximately 46cm x 41cm x 42cm, however, it doesn’t have to be these dimensions exactly!

Please note: The courier cannot collect garbage bags.

Check out our suggested packaging video for ideas on how to package your items!

Can i drop my items off?

Unfortunately not. We don’t currently have the resources, infrastructure or team to manage drop-offs from the public. We’ll be sure to let our community know if this changes in the future, but for now you can organise a contactless-collection HERE.

What happens to the textiles you recieve?

Currently 65% of items we’re receiving are in new or fit-for-wear condition and are prepared to be passed onto our epic Australian partners; Save The Children, Sacred Heart Mission, Ready Set Australia, St Kilda Mums and Good360 Australia! The remaining 35% are assessed for their suitability to be up-cycled into new items or recycled into new materials.

What happens to the shoes you receive?

Environmentally it is best to reuse items wherever possible, so we’ll always try to reuse or repair shoes if we can! If we cannot reuse them then their materials can be of use in many ways — rubber can be shredded and developed into new products or track surfaces, basketball courts and playgrounds. Their soles can also be used to create soles for fresh shoes!

How do you recycle the textiles you receive?

We’ve partnered with Textile Recyclers Australia to complete the recycling process, however as this industry is in its infancy here there are no commercial textile recycling facilities in Australia. Recyclable textiles are therefore sent to TRA’s partner facility in India where they are shredded down several times to fluffy fibre and then spun into new yarns that can end up in a number of products ranging from blankets, to floor rugs, to insulation! Some valuable fibres can also be blended with virgin fibres to produce yarns which can be used in manufacturing to create new products — in fact, a selection of our products are made with this yarn!

How do i know if you collect from my address?

We offer contactless-collection Australia wide! Customers living within the CouriersPlease Boomerang network will be provided with a link to schedule their collection for a date and time that suits them best. Customers living outside this network will have their collection scheduled by a third-party courier who will attend for collection within the 24 hours following.

Do i earn a credit every time i participate?

A $25 credit is only issued once per year. Each subsequent collection that you purchase will not qualify for an additional store credit.

*UpCircle partner credit terms may differ.

How is my store credit valid for?

Your credit is valid for 30 days from the date of issue and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount.