The festive season is coming up. You know what you need to focus on… Maths! Didn’t see that coming did you… You also didn’t see Sharon coming in your new fav top and wrecking your Christmas dranks. SO! Let’s do some maths.There are 7,594,000,000 people in the world. In our 1 of 50 collection we’re only making 50 of these per style per colour, so you have a 0.00000007 chance of someone stealing your thunder! That, my friend, is the feeling of relief! Pretty good odds, eh? Tell Sharon to have a Merry Christmas xx

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Our Artisan Project is a celebration of creativity, art, craftsmanship & stories to bring to life products that have meaning. We're working with a select number of artists to create exclusive offerings of limited edition pieces. Our first artist is Colin Rivers, a street cultured deep thinking adventurer, always with film camera in hand. This is his design 'Always Lifted'. Hit the link below to read the story.
For us, this is where it all began. Inspired by endless winters and non-stop good times. Our Heritage Collection encompasses everything that is Yuki. Built for fast laps, long nights and good vibes.

Team Fleece

Our Team Fleece has been one of the crew’s favourite pieces from this year's collection. It’s perfect for layering, not too bulky under the jacket, and can hold its own when the sun comes out and the jacket gets ditched. Whether you’re in the street or on the hill you’ll feel a part of the crew even if it’s your first time strapping in.
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