Name: Jack Gandy


Where’s your home mountain?

Mt Buller is where I work but I grew up riding Falls Creek. 


When did you start snowboarding?

I think I was 7 or 8 years old on a family snow trip to Mt Buffalo. 


What’s your favourite trick?

Frontside blunt slide 270 out. 


Seasons can be a crazy time. What’s the wildest thing you’ve seen or done?

Working in the park up at Mt Buller we see a fair few injuries. In and out of the park. One that stands out was this young girl breaking her humerus on a solid icy morning. I happened to be right next to her when it occurred and saw the whole thing unfold.  The little champion didn’t even shed a tear. Toughest girl I’ve seen up here hands down. That was a pretty crazy situation to be involved in. 


If you were snowed in for a week. What three things couldn’t you live with out?

Well food (snacks included), water and heat would be essential but if they are already taken care of then probably my phone, phone charger and some good company. I think I’d go insane if I was alone. 


What keeps you sane in between shredding?

Surfing, skating and mates. Just something to distract me from the fact I’m not snowboarding. 


Favourite song to snowboard to?

I don’t really listen to music when I ride. Every now and then I’ll listen to something but it’s always different. I like to hear my snowboard and all the sounds surrounding it. It can be peaceful or save your ass when it’s sketchy out. 


If you were a pizza topping, what would you be and why?

Pineapple because I’m sweet. Nah my head/hair looks identical to a pineapple some people would say. 


If you were to take a lap with any one in the world who would it be and where?

Dillon Ojo R.I.P, Rail Gardens, Salt Lake City. But more than just one lap, I would want the whole day at least!


Injuries are apart of snowboarding unfortunately, what has been your worse slam?

Back when I was 19 or 20 I broke my ankle in my boot and strained my knee hitting the big jumps at Falls. Probably why I like rails more now. 


Why do you ride for Yuki?

I ride for Yuki because Luke has given me the incredible chance too basically. They are also a local company making quality products both tech and looks and in a far more ethical way than most other brands. 


Any Advice for up and commers getting after it?

Ride everything as much as possible. Nothing helps more than feeling comfortable on your snowboard and knowing what it will do under different circumstances. And always film. It’s so easy to whip out your phone and get clips. Even if the world never sees them, you can rewatch them again and again, and help yourself pin point things you want to change or work on for next time.