Name: Tommi Ollikainen


Where’s your home mountain?

First place I started riding in was Tornimäki in Mikkeli, Finland. Currently riding more in the streets than in any resort.

When did you start snowboarding?

1999 was the first time I got to try boarding in a rental setup. I loved it. But before getting my first board it took two years to convince my skier parents snowboarding is ok and not all boarders are weed smoking dirtbags. After these twenty years on board it turns out most of us are, though. But yeah, I started riding almost daily from 2001.

What’s your favourite trick?

All the blunts. Maybe switch bs blunt 270 or noseblunt pretz.

Seasons can be a crazy time. What’s the wildest thing you’ve seen or done?

Living in Jesse Denham-Greer’s RV in Whistler for a week and a bit. This thing was from the 1970’s, heating didn’t work, and there were holes in its floor.  It was -15 in the valley the whole time. Jesse kept it semi warm by running the gas stove all night, but I think the temperature peaked at 8 Celsius. I was so cold and sick the whole time. Luckily we parked at swimming pool’s parking lot, so it was a short walk to hot shower...


If you were snowed in for a week. What three things couldn’t you live with out?

A good book, a record player and my music collection.


What keeps you sane in between shredding?

My girlfriend, skateboarding, playing music, listening to music, reading books, learning about life

Favourite song to snowboard to?

Electic Wizard - Vinum Sabbathi


If you were a pizza topping, what would you be and why?

Cheese. Soo tasty & cheesy.


If you were to take a lap with anyone in the world who would it be and where?

Take a teleport up to the top of Revelstoke on a powday with my main man Johan Rosen. It’s been too long, buddy!


Injuries are apart of snowboarding unfortunately, what has been your worse slam?

Trying to hippie jump over a tall fence into a 2m drop in Falls Creek. Landed on the board but tweaked my knee and sprained my mcl. Or probably breaking my collarbone into three pieces, but I think hurting a knee is way gnarlier.


Why do you ride for Yuki?

I think we should aim for more sustainable lifestyle, and Yuki is on top of that game. Be conscious about the choices you make! Don’t buy shit you don’t need, and if you buy something make sure it is made in a way that does not exploit the planet or the people.


Any Advice for up and commers getting after it?

Keep having fun. Do whatever you think is cool and don’t care what others think about your vision.