10 days. 6 minutes. This is Alpine Streets, a short Yuki Threads team movie created to bring a new perspective to the streets in our alpine villages.


In 10 days our motley crew, assembled from Canada, America, Finland and Australia, hustled to bring together 6 minutes of makes, breaks, never seen before spots and new takes on some of the classics. 


It started out as most things… Just an idea. How sick would it be to get Tommi out and a few of the other crew together and shoot an all street vid, to 'actually' get some of the spots we have all been looking at and talking about for so long done. At the start of the season there are always so many conversations (mostly over few neck oils) along the lines of 'as soon as it's snow's I'm going to hit this', 'this season I'm totally going to get after it and get shit done', so on and so forth. So, we thought screw it. Let's get the crew together and get it done!

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We were sure what we would be able to get done. The project was originally supposed to go for 3 weeks and at the last minute we got a bit of a stitch up and were landed with 10 days. That is not much time to shoot street. It normally takes a whole season to get 5-10mins on content. The plan was to go out and get what we could, have a rad time and make the most of the crew being together!


From the get go I was totally blow away with the crews hustle. From the moment we got there we were stacking shots. It was amazing to see the work ethic if the crew everyone was so hungry and down to put in the time to get the build right, maintain it hit after hit after hit and the best thing of all the most epic team vibe of hyping everyone when shit was a battle. There were a few, that’s for sure. Thomas battled one spot literally for 3 hours, I think he would have hiked about 10kms and scarified a board for the shot… Totally worth it!

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There were moments of extreme uncomfortable silence and nervousness. Jack was mainly the cause for these! He really got after it and call some pretty hectic spots that the rest of us were like 'dude, are you sure? That's pretty fucked up!' but, he backed himself, got after, got out alive and with the shot. It really was sick to see all the crew pick their spots and get in the zone and get after them. It's such a focussed mindset that street riding requires.


The proof is definitely in the pudding with this one. There was so much effort and work that went into this. From the Falls Creek Resort Management Board, Falls Creek Marketing & Events crew, All the lodge owners who volunteered there handrails, walls and rooves and of course our crew and guest such as Wil Linsted. It was such an amazing thing to be a part of to see everyone work together. Thank you so much to everyone who was involved with making this happen and putting it together.

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10 days to film and two weeks to edit and turn around. Just under 7 minutes in the end. A seriously insane output that blew everyone away. No one expected to get as much done and as much epic spots. As Tommi said 'it's 3 times better' than he initially expected when we first put the project together. I think everyone is in the same boat there.


This project was such a rad time to put together. We all hope you guys are as hyped on it as we are!


Mitch & The Crew.