Guppyfriend, caring for your clothes and your planet.

We are proud to announce we will be stocking Guppyfriend microfibre bags on our website. It is estimated a fleece jumper can release up to 2000 pieces of microplastic PER WASH. It's a shame to ruin all of our hard work in the washing machine. The Guppyfriend Washing Bag is the first scientifically approved solution to prevent microfibers from entering into rivers and oceans. It results in fewer fiber losses and thus helps your garments last longer. Those microfibers that break during washing are captured inside the bag.

With each wash, countless plastic fibers from synthetic textiles are making their way from washing machines into rivers and oceans. The Guppyfriend Washing Bag is a patented solution, that filters out the tiniest microfibers released from textiles during washing. The self-cleaning fabric bag is made of a specially designed micro-filter material. Simply collect the fibers and dispose them of properly.