Josh Anderson's 2019 Wrap Up

Josh Anderson 2019 clips from Josh Anderson on Vimeo.

We were stoked to welcome Josh to the Yuki fam a bit over a year ago. He's been absolutely slaying with his style and bag of tricks. Not just here ripping the comps, the Aus parks and obviously in our team movie Alpine Streets but OS as well. His boy Raph but put together this edit of his 2019 season which is fire. We caught up with him to have and chat about the clip and whats been cracking...


Hey man, how goes it in these crazy times? You’ve just come out of quarantine yeah?

Yo! Yeah, things are good. Been out of Quarantine for 2 weeks now, not much has changed with all the restrictions but I’ve been able to work a few days and keeping busy around home as much as possible.


Where did you come back from?

I flew home from Canada. Was over there for about 6 weeks, but had to fly home early because of everything that’s going on.


What’s been keeping you busy threw the lockdown?

I've been working a little bit, riding the moto as much as possible, doing a few arts & crafts things with my girlfriend Peta, listening to tunes, having a few arvo beers around the fire with the fam & playing way to much cod.


That hail boarding clip got a lot of people frothing, where did you get that bathtub?

Ha! Yeah, that was a funny afternoon. Not sure where the bathtub came from originally but it was being used as a horse trough in the paddock. It was kinda the only thing I could find around the house to jib.


Any advice for crew having withdrawals from the shred?

I guess just stay fit, watch heaps of snowboarding & support your local snowboard shop and brands. Pray for a season 🙏🏽


On the flip side, it looks like 2019 was a pretty big year for you, the edit came up SICK!

2019 was a really good year. Had heaps of fun, got to travel a bunch and snowboard in heaps of different places and was lucky enough to have the opportunity to film enough to come out of it with a full part.


You got a bunch of different spots, where did you mainly ride/film last year?

I spent most of my time riding street in Lake Tahoe and at Falls Creek shooting the team movie last year. And then rode the resort at Perisher most day’s through the Aussie winter as well


Looked like a good crew to ride with, any stand out moments from filming with the gang?

Yeah both crews I filmed with last year were really cool, everyone got on really well and it was great to spending time shredding with the Yuki team. We hit this one ledge spot at Falls that was pretty mellow and everyone got to hit it... everyone was having a few beers and carrying on. We had like 6 or 8 of us at the spot and everyone was having a good time, then we watched the sun set. That was definitely a highlight.


Street spots can upset some of the general public... Did you have any run-ins with Karen? Or was it pretty smooth sailing?

Haha yeah we got booted from this one abandoned school in Tahoe, old mate wasn’t too hyped. There was this one lady that had a bit of a sook at Falls cos Tommi was boarding across her balcony and then hitting the rail next to her front door. Luckily we had management on our side. For the most part, it was pretty smooth sailing though. People in Tahoe and Falls are pretty cool and down to see people doing something different.


It looks like you had to hustle for a couple of the clips, what were the standout battles/bails?

Definitely my standout battle was the dfd ledge to Ollie over the close out. It wasn’t really a battle cos I think I got it 5th try, but it was a really sketchy spot and scary. The first drop in/ take off that we set up for it wasn’t really working so we had to re build and keep playing with it. I suppose it was just a bit of a mental battle cos it was a long time between each try so I had to keep getting pumped up before each drop.


Are there any spots you have unfinished business with?

Honestly last year I was super lucky and got a clip at every spot I went to. But this year I had a tough time on my recent trip to Ontario. I smoked my knee on the first day out there of a 2 week trip and was unable to hit most of the spots I wanted to hit. I was eyeing off this one really gnarly flat down rail at Falls last year but never got the chance to hit it, so I’m hoping I can make it back and hit it this winter.


What's on the cards now with all the shit that's going on?

I’ve been at my parent's place in Warrandyte for the past month self-isolating but my girlfriend and I are moving up to Helensburgh just north of Woolongong in about a week and then hopefully I’ll be back in Jindy for winter if the season runs.


What's the first thing you're going to do when the world all goes back to normal?