With Our Wholehearted Apologies...


As 2020 continues to be a year that many would wish to forget, we’ve got our own battle to face and some unpleasant news to share with you. Due to a fault in our fabric quality control, we won’t be delivering our Winter 20 collection of hoodies.

At Yuki, part of our mission is crafting quality products for our people and caring for our community. This is the basic premise for the brand's existence. Something that has evolved over the years is our drive to limit our impact on the planet and its people. For the last 5 years this has been the intent behind a lot of the large decisions we have made. We have been using Organic Cotton for a number of years now. Organic cotton reduces the social and environmental impact of cotton products exponentially. We have been blending this with recycled polyester to create the classic Yuki fleece you know and love. 

This year we developed a recycled cotton/recycled polyester fabric to further reduce our impact by cutting out the whole step of producing the organic cotton. One of the challenges of using recycled fibers is controlling the integrity of the fiber. During our Winter 20 fabric production, this integrity was compromised. Along with the panic and uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, our products were made with subpar fleece that slipped through our quality control offshore. While it may have slipped through offshore, it did not make it past us here. We have conducted inspections and fabric testing and we are heartbroken to say that the fabric and thus the products we have been investing out blood sweat and tears into over the last 12 months are not up to our standards.

We cannot and will not deliver products that are not up our standards but more importantly our customers.

In light of this, we will not be delivering our Winter 20 collection of hoodies. There are a select number of styles and colourways that were designed and made with different fabric compositions. These products will be released. Everything else has been rejected and will not be delivered to our retail partners or our direct customers.

Navigating the next period in our small company’s future will be a challenging time. Hoodies and products produced with this fleece are the major category for all of our annual sales. Please bear with us as we make any appropriate adjustments.

On Thursday 4th of June, we will be releasing the balance of the collection. You will find our full range of outerwear, tech fleeces and accessories with the minority of hoodies mentioned above making up the offering.

The clothing industry needs to change the way it operates. We need to do more work to reduce our impact. We’re not ones to sit back and wait for others to take the lead. We need to keep pushing, try new things, and take risks. It's hard and scary, but necessary work if things are going to improve and we want things to improve. Our belief is, if you're not falling over, you're not trying hard enough.


Thank you for your ongoing support of Yuki,


Mitch and the Team.