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Tell me when and how your first time on a snowboard came about…
Yuki Threads Team Rider Tyson Pollard I had friends that snowboarded every weekend when I was about 14. I wanted to be like them, so mum bought me up for a weekend with family friends and that’s how it started.
What did you do to develop into the boarder you are today?

I was lucky enough for my folks to put me into programs when I was younger, I learnt a lot from that, and my friends were always better then me, so they knew how to make me push my limits.
If you were going to give one tip to young riders about being a better rider, what would it be?
Have FUN and don’t beat yourself up if you can’t do something, if you can do the trick in your head your halfway there! Don’t expect to be able to do things first try, practice makes perfect.
How many seasons have you done at Buller? Or have you moved around from mountain to mountain?
This is my 5th season at Buller, I’ve thought about going to other resorts to do a season, but Buller is like a 2nd home.
What are the challenges and benefits about working as part of a Park Crew?

The challenges are definitely dealing with the public and keeping everyone happy. It’s hard to cater for all levels of skiers and snowboarders, everyone has there own idea of how things “should” be done. Benefits are dreaming up crazy ideas and making them come to life, seeing people getting stoked on riding something you have built is a pretty good feeling.
Yuki Threads Team Rider Tyson PollardWhat mountains have you worked at internationally, and which do you have fondest memories of, and why?
I’ve never worked overseas, I’ve visited Colorado, California and recently Japan. The one trip that stands out would probably be in Colorado, fresh out of high school, living with good crew, snowboarding everyday and underage partying.
What was it like when you went north of Niseko with Mitch last year?

That was the highlight of my whole Japan trip, We drove through a gnarly snow storm to Furano, and turned a 3 hour drive into a 6 hour drive, getting lost, true Japanese culture, riding bottomless pow ALL day and eating and drinking the unknown from 7eleven. That is what Japan is about. SHAKA!!!!
What is the best terrain and conditions you’ve ever boarded?

Probably Japan, or Vail Colorado. But the most memorable run would be bombing Bull run bowl at Mt Buller on a bottomless pow day.
Tell me about your US trip. And why you got kicked out…

 Arghhhhh, ummmm, I didn’t get “kicked out” But breaking the law is expensive when you get caught, and I already had a separated shoulder, so with court dates, not been able to snowboard, and no money, it was time to retreat to the safety of Australia.
How long have you been sponsored, and by who?

When I was 16 or 17 the guys at Rome SDS gave me my first set up, I’m still with those guys and they have been amazing over the years and understanding with my injuries. Those guys rock! Yuki Threads over the past 12 months has been a blast with such a tight crew. And Recently 686 outerwear and POW gloves have jumped on board.
How many boards have you had, lost, wrecked, snapped?
I dunno, I remember snapping like 5 or 6 in one season when I was learning to jump, as soon as I stoped paying for them I stopped snapping them. [laughs]
Yuki Threads Team Rider Tyson PollardWhen did you get into dirt bikes? How does it compare with snowboarding, in terms of an adrenaline rush?
I’ve rode bikes since I was little, but sold my bike when I was 15 to fund my snowboarding. I bought a new one last summer to keep me busy, the adrenaline is simular but a little less calculated, haha I’ve got some mates who are real handy on the moto, so they push me to ride harder or try new things. It’s all about the satisfaction of improving and leaning new things, that’s the same with snowboarding.
Whats been your involvement with Yuki Threads product design?
I think Mitch likes having someone with simular tastes to throw ideas back and forth with. If something sucks, I’ll tell him, if something is rad I make sure he knows about it, and he’s the same with ideas I have. He is definitely the mastermind who is YUKI THREADS. We get together, have some beers, throw some ideas around and hopefully come out the other side with something people are stoked on.
What is the most outrageous thing you’ve attempted, that then ended in disaster…
ummmmmmm once thought I could drive under less favourable conditions. But that’s another story [laughs]
Yuki Threads Team Rider Tyson Pollard

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