Alex Visser Yuki Threads Team Rider Free Ski When was the first time you saw snow? What mountain were you at?
I can’t remember when I saw snow for the first time.. I just grew up in a village in the country with no mountains at all! The first time I got introduced with snow sports was when I was 16 years old…
Who was your main influence in getting into snowsports? Was it a friend, parent, sibling, movie?
That was a friend/classmate of mine when I was 16 years old. He told me there were freestyle nights every Thursday at the indoor slopes, and from the first time, I was addicted.
What snowboard team did you join? Are you part of a team now?
I did joined a snowboard team called First Track. After I went to skiing I joined Flatlandcrew (Amsterdam)
Do you have brothers or sisters?
I only have one older sister… she can’t ski or board, and she hates the snow! She prefers the sun and laying down on the beach getting kooked out! [laughs] She did try skiing and boarding though, I helped her with her first turns.
Alex4Where is your home town? What was it like growing up there?
My hometown (or village is what it is), is called Badhoevedorp. It’s a regular village near Amsterdam. I did not had a very good childhood there… I got bullied a lot and went to 2 different schools, and I didn’t have many friends… I still live there because I’m now concentrating on studying Physiotherapy.
What is your proudest moment of your skiing career so far?
My proudest moment in skiing was the first day I could ski again after my injury from last year. I always liked snow sports and the feeling what you get when you riding a kicker or a rail, but when you’re out for the season because of a nasty injury, and you can’t do the sport that you love the most… that was a really good feeling and made me so proud about myself that I accomplished and healed that well, I could go ski again and enjoy the sport!
What do you plan to do in 2014?
I’ve got many plans about setting up some training programs for girls, trampoline jumping to make the freeski scene hopefully a lot bigger in the Netherlands and make it more popular for the regular Dutchman… because everybody knows about snowboarding and also knows what you can do with snowboarding… They don’t know what you also can do with skis and how cool skiing can be! 

I’m also going to try to organize a rail contest for the Dutch, Belgium and maybe even German skiers, to make the freeski scene bigger here in the flat lands.

What do you hope to achieve in the future?
I hope I can ski until my body doesn’t working anymore! That’s the first thing I hope to achieve…
I also want to try and be part of the Olympic Winter games as a trainer/coach for the Dutch freeski girls!
You’ve done some big air comps… What’s the biggest kicker you’ve launched off?
Yes, I did! Last year in Antwerp (Belgium) there was the men’s snowboarding FIS World Cup Big Air Competition. The day before the world cup, there was a lil comp between Belgium and the Netherlands.. It was a funny and friendly country comp skier and snowboarders working together as a team to defeat the other country. and I got the opportunity to compete in that contest! It was also the biggest kicker I’ve hit in my life, and it was also the biggest and highest kicker ever build for a World Cup! I was so stoked!
What is your favourite Run/Feature you’ve ever ridden, and what mountain was it on?
I don’t really have a favourite feature, I like creativity in the kind of setups park shapers build. It makes it fun to think about tricks you can try out on features and be creative. still… I really like a regular flatbox! those kind of features are the most fun, because you can try whatever the hell you want to try, and have the most fun with the stuff you do.
Alex3What has been your most epic crash/injury?
That would be my crash from last year! Just 2 weeks after my birthday in January, I broke my right femur bone! I did a demo event for bigairbag, and sadly on the 2nd day, I fell next the bigairbag on the ground, and broke my leg! 3 months ago I was deemed 100% healed, and mentally, I’m still recovering to get my self-confidence back!
How did you get involved in the film edits you’re in?
A few friends of mine are doing film/music education, so when they have to do a project, or just want to film for themselves to improve, they can ask me to work with them.
When you’re not skiing, what else do you like doing?
Being lazy! haha, I really like it to hang around in my house, play games on the pc, just relaxing…
I also like to go trampolining! It’s a nice exercise to be in shape, its fun to do with friends, and it’s a good way to train your coordination and learning new tricks to try in the snow at some point.
What’s your one piece of advice for skiers starting out in freestyle?
Just being creative, think about what you can do with your skies, and have fun doing it!
 That’s maybe the most important thing: HAVE FUN!!!

Photo credits:
Kaat DM Photography


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