Yuki Threads X Dragon Alliance Japan Winter Escape Giveaway! 

If the recent news of lockdown restrictions easing across the country wasn't enough to get you excited, this one's sure to get you jazzed, dusting off the passport, and packing that suitcase that's been sitting at the back of your closet for the past two years. In terms of giveaways – damn, this is a good one.

If your anything like us – you've been itching to get away. It's because of this, and with the recent announcement of the Japan travel bubble, we've decided to run a giveaway with our good friends at Dragon Alliance and Rabbit Hole to get you overseas as quickly as possible – in style.

So, what do I win? Glad you asked because here it is:

  • Return flights to Japan for you and one friend
  • 2X Dragon Alliance EDO Collection goggles of your choice (RVX OTG, X2 or PXV)
  • 2X Yuki Threads EDO Inspired Hoods
  • Accommodation at Rabbit Hole, Hakuba, Japan


So, what's the catch? All you have to do. Sign up below with your email and keep your eyes peeled for December ____.

“As a designer, I have a deep personal connection with Japanese culture, crafts, and art. As I was looking through my collection of antique books from the Edo era, I became inspired by the woodblock manufacturing techniques used to make them.

The inspiration from the EDO came from a collaboration with Dragons in-house goggle designer – Riley Lakovidis. Riley’s accomplished in taking inspiration from the world around him and translating it into functional and stylish designs – with a look that can't help but turn heads. Riley’s passion for the process and dedication to the craft is astounding, his ability to adopt a style, inject his personal touch and tie it back to tradition (with a few hidden messages) is a skill to be admired, and if there is one thing for sure his most recent EDO collaboration with Yuki Threads & Dragon Alliance is no exception.

We're stoked to have the ability to collaborate with Riley and the myriad of other brands involved to provide an experience that doesn't hold back on the substance, because why should we? We're amped to collaborate with a group of like-minded individuals unified in the one vision: stoking crew out after what could be considered two of the most challenging years in recent history. Although the team would love to win, seeing someone take out the package and find the same enjoyment we have when building it will be just as rewarding. Good luck to all who have entered, and keep your eyes peeled for December ___.